February 2015 - Moving forwards

Artistic growth is about searching and discovering who we really might be. It's about pushing the boundaries of creative expression and traveling along an unfamiliar path. The truth is, I'm still unsure if I am seeking the path, or is the path seeking me. The future is still a secret, and that's what makes it exciting...

Year of the Sheep Exhibition - 13 to 28 February 2015

A great start to the year with the launch of my Year of the Sheep exhibition on February 14 (yes, Valentines day) at the newly launched Artshine Gallery in Chippendale. I was as nervous as a lost lamb for a while there, not really knowing how the launch and the artwork would be received. I had already had some feedback that the series was very niche, and it was a struggle to gain any media exposure in the main stream publications. In spite of it all, there was an awesome turn out at the exhibition launch (around 80 people?) and thank you to those that came to celebrate with me. Over 10 pieces of artwork were sold, which was such a great feeling, and mostly due to Vinh's sales skills and lovely energy.

Below are some photos from the event.....




Secret Women's Business

Well, I have already started on a new and exciting project that is evolving as it progresses. This year I plan to complete a series of around 12 portraits of women, set in surreal, whimsical, dark landscapes, with the aid of amazing costumes and loads of makeup. I can't tell you how frickin' excited I am about this project. (Oooh, I just did!). It feels very right.

Below are some of the behind the scenes "work-in-progress" images that I am working on in preparation. I will be keeping an air of secrecy around this women's business for now, just showing enough to engage your curiosity. More will be revealed as things evolve...




Francois the Fearless Circus Peg

I finished a fully illustrated children's picture book complete with a rhyming story. I have now sent it off to a multitude of publishers that are accepting unsolicited manuscripts, and the minimum waiting time to hear back is around THREE MONTHS!! Sorry, I'm feeling very impatient! However, I am fully aware that it is a very tough market out in the publishing world, so I just pace the floor nervously until I get a response...

Here is a preview of some of the images from the book....



Did I mention how excited I am about this year...?



February 20, 2015 by Carrie Webster
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